Charger Am Staffs is a small but passionate
breeding program situated in central
British Columbia, Canada.

I have been a fancier and breed enthusiast since I acquired my first Am Staff in 1992: the inception of Charger.

My goal is to adhere to the type described in the Official Breed Standard as well as with regard to health and temperament, without compromising functional health. I desire to preserve, protect, and hold true to the original American Staffordshire Terrier. Researching, staying up to date on new studies and information is imperative, as I aspire to continually expand my knowledge in order to improve my breeding program with every generation as well as educate the public about this marvelous breed.

Charger's pedigrees go back to Sierra, White Rock, Tonkawa, Woods Forest, and Willynwood, and in the future will be sourcing equally terrific lineage to continue to produce a combination of strength, agility, grace, and class, that which makes Charger American Staffordshire Terriers unique and diverse.

Major joints and organs health tested
via the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

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